Saturday, June 29, 2013

sweetest downfall

Hey guys, it's officially summer!
These photos are from my trip last weekend down in Socal  (i had to crop my legs out cause they are too pale lol). One of my favorite things out there were these purple flower trees.
I would say they are the sweetest downfall. Don't you agree? I mean what breaks down and still look lovely? Not me haha
Stay cool beauties and enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

casual chambray

top: american eagle  jeans: h&m  heels: nordstrom rack

I guess it's safe to say this is my everyday go-to style; casual button up, jeans
and pumps(over flats because every inch counts haha).  
Of course when the occassion calls for it, I never hesitate at the chance of getting dressier.
It is so much fun, I've always enjoyed being girlie! How about you?
I remember as a young girl
watching my mom put on makeup and being so fascinated especially when
she would dab a little blush on me! :)

I'm so glad she did that, such a great memory to have for a lifetime.
Have a great week guys! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY doggie bowtie

Hello guys!
 Today, I have a fun diy to share especially for you pet owners and a 
very special guest appearance by my pomchi, charlie brown.

Step 1: Cut desired rectangular strip from felt
Cut another piece from fabric slightly larger to go over the felt, leaving 1/2 an inch to fold over sides.

Step 2: Fold down ends and glue. Don't worry if it's not perfect, 
it'll look cute and quirky that way. (Wait 5 mins for glue to dry)
Step 3: Pinch middle and make an accordian like shape.
Tie a rubberband in middle section of bow.

Step 4: Cut another thin strip of fabric, this will go around the middle. Make sure
to tie it a bit loosely to allow room for his collar to slip through.
Recognize this fabric? :) The hat ribbon yes!

Materials needed:
Felt, fabric, rubber band and fabric glue

And there you have it, no sewing required at all (unless you want to).
Now your pet baby can be as stylish as you!