Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY vintage frame earring holder


 I was checking out frames for my wall gallery and came across this pretty frame.
And then I thought it would be perfect for an earring holder,
 thanks to seeing the many versions on Pinterest. 
No doubt, it will be a nice addition to my wall gallery.
This is a 5x7 frame from Ikea and it's made of plastic instead of wood.  
It was under $3 or $4 bucks, so no complaints here.

Pearl strands
Paint & stencil (optional)

Measure 1 or 2 strands to fit the width of your frame (whatever you prefer).
Paint polka-dots, hearts, whatever you like or just leave as is. I think either way, is cute.
 If you do decide to paint it, nail polish would work great because it dries a lot faster.
Leave about an inch of string on the ends of the pearls.
After removing the backing, tie a knot (see step 5) around what looks to me like plastic hinges.
 (Step 6) Repeat steps for buttom row.
If it were wood, you could staple it but maybe glue would work also.

And there you have it. 
A cute way to display your favorite earrings with a vintage flair.
Hope you enjoyed and feel free to share!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Strawberry madeline parfait

Whip up this quick and easy parfait in minutes using madelines.

Fresh strawberries
Whipped cream 

Mash madelines into bite size pieces. Whip up a fresh cup of whipped cream.
Dice strawberries.  
Start with a layer of madeline, add a layer of whipped cream, 
next the strawberries, add another layer of whipped cream 
and finally, 
top off by sprinkling the bits of leftover madelines.

If you love madelines like me, you will not be disappointed.
One night while having some crazy cravings, this came to mind. 
This is now my go-to no-fail sweet fix!
Let me know what you think.