Monday, May 20, 2013

pass the mustard

dress: zara statement necklace: f21 pumps: nordstroms

Hey guys, hope you all are well. Quick post of my weekend outfit for a wedding I attended.
I paired this simple mustard sheath with a fun teal statement necklace.
It was a beautiful, but looong (Catholic ceremony) haha :).
Excuse the iphone quality photos.
Have a great week!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keep calm and dance on

Hey guys, hope you had a wonderful Mother's day celebrating or being celebrated.
I have been busy working on my final project for my 3-D design class.
Can't believe the semester is coming to an end, classmates who were once strangers 
are now new friends I enjoy seeing and being inspired by on a weekly basis.
Sometimes I wish I could have the same classmates until graduation
but then I have to remind myself that my elementary days are over.
New semester, new faces and new challenges.
This is life.
Anyway, I hope to have some new diys after finals.
But for now, enjoy this little vine clip I made using my mom's flowers
and learn a thing or two from them. :)

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

DIY hat ribbon

Hey guys, hope you had a well rested weekend.
Here's a new diy i've been working on.
With warmer days ahead, this will be a fun and useful addition to your spring and summer look.
Instead of buying a new hat, you can give it a fresh look just by adding a new ribbon.

I used fabric from an old shirt that was a little faded.
Remember what I said about throwing out old shirts that you
can potentially reuse. Yes it's a form of hoarding but i like to see it as recycling. ;)

Supplies needed:
fabric in your choice of design/color
Velcro with sticky backs

If you happen to have fabric ribbons laying around in the same width, 
I would recommend using that instead.
If not, this is a good chance to use any old shirts lying around.
The material i used was jersey cotton, a little hard to work with so i added felt
to make it thicker. 
Measure the length and width of the ribbon from your hat and go from there.
I'm pretty sure you can use fabric glue, but
I sewed it together to save time.
Once you have your ribbon ready add velcro stickies to both ends. (Hand stitch for extra security).
And there you have it, a new hat! sort of!

Imagine the possibilities, you can switch up the ribbons to match your outfits.
Try using floral, lace, or pastel colors.
 Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know what you think!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

the process

photo source: Verily
Billy Graham such a wise man. Love him. 
I love being on mountain tops and hate being in the valleys.
But I know it's such a crucial place I need stay in and something I am learning to embrace.
Hard? Hek yes but good. Uncomfortable? Hek yes but still for my own good.
A few months ago, God was speaking to me about the 
importance of staying in the process and not rushing through it.
I was at work going through files and glanced down and bam!
These words pop right out at me:
"Do not alter it or create your own version."

You bet I did a double take!
When I first saw these words, I was in shock mode but once it sunk in, I felt so much peace, followed by a renewed hope that what I was going through truly has a purpose & 
it is not in vain or annoying (bratty voice).
In my waiting (vague i know), I'm tempted to make my own plans
 (like I usually do) but 
I know it's so important to stay in this season so that I can truly grow and be more 
equipped to take on challenges for the next season and more importantly,
I believe that when the time comes
 I will truly enjoy it with a grateful heart. 
So if you are in a waiting season like me, know that you are not alone and that
God has a plan and purpose for everything.