Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY crochet collar necklace

Collars and collar necklaces are so sweet and trendy right now!  I love trends but I hate that it fades so quickly.  Here's an easy and cheap alternative to staying trendy if you are digging collars as much as I am.  I went to JoAnn's fabric over the weekend and ideas were just flowing!  I used one of my tops with a collar for the pattern.

 Supplies needed:
1. A doily (who said doilies were boring?!)
2. Ribbon
3. Chain necklace (optional)

After cutting desired shape, sew the top edges to straighten out and hide any loose strands.  I used an old chain with pearls that was lying around waiting to be reused again!  Next, weave the chain through the holes at the top of the collar.  Lastly, connect both ends of chain to ribbon and tie a pretty bow.  Taa daa!
If you don't have a chain, sew ribbons onto the ends of the collar and you're set.

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