Saturday, March 30, 2013

Black and White

Okay I am finally taking the "what I wore" plunge because I really do enjoy expressing myself through fashion. Plus, I was really inspired by all of the lovely bloggers I follow.
And to start off...  I found this light cotton peplum for $12 at F21. Hopefully I can get some wear for a few months until I find a better quality, but for now I'm quite happy with it.  So I woke up with a pounding headache the day I took these photos. I called in sick, rested, caught up on some reading, and by 5pm decided I should take outfit photos haha. Who does that?
Anyway, who else is loving the peplum trend?
Have a great Easter!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly recap

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I decided to get a little more personal here so I will be posting weekly photos of my life in square images. :) 

I went to "The Still Believe Tour" this week at the Warfield in Sf. I love Jesus Culture, I remember when their conferences were still small and held inside Bethel church. 
Now they are packing out venues and touring the world! 

See the bridge there, that's the bay bridge in Sf! No, I don't live in sf, but I'm there quite often and I live in the bay area so it's a quick trip. I certainly appreciate it more than ever, like most most things that come with age (sign of getting old!).  If you haven't heard of the Bay Lights, I definitely recommend you check it out. The Bay Lights is a monumental light structure designed by world-renowed artist Leo Villareal. I know this only because we watched the live streaming debut in my art class haha. Anyway here is the link, it's an amazing piece of art and project. If you're in town, you definitely should swing by especially since it will only be up for 2 years. 

I found these crazy comfy coral wedges at Nordstrom's rack and wore it with fushia lips to a birthday party over the weekend. 

Till next time. :)