Thursday, May 2, 2013

the process

photo source: Verily
Billy Graham such a wise man. Love him. 
I love being on mountain tops and hate being in the valleys.
But I know it's such a crucial place I need stay in and something I am learning to embrace.
Hard? Hek yes but good. Uncomfortable? Hek yes but still for my own good.
A few months ago, God was speaking to me about the 
importance of staying in the process and not rushing through it.
I was at work going through files and glanced down and bam!
These words pop right out at me:
"Do not alter it or create your own version."

You bet I did a double take!
When I first saw these words, I was in shock mode but once it sunk in, I felt so much peace, followed by a renewed hope that what I was going through truly has a purpose & 
it is not in vain or annoying (bratty voice).
In my waiting (vague i know), I'm tempted to make my own plans
 (like I usually do) but 
I know it's so important to stay in this season so that I can truly grow and be more 
equipped to take on challenges for the next season and more importantly,
I believe that when the time comes
 I will truly enjoy it with a grateful heart. 
So if you are in a waiting season like me, know that you are not alone and that
God has a plan and purpose for everything.


  1. I am waiting to see my lover again who's thousand miles away from me! I hope your waiting will have happy ending. ♥

    1. Mincho, I hope you are reunited with your lover again soon :) Atleast you know that the reunion will be sweet!! Thanks, I really appreciate it. I'm waiting on a few things. 1 has already happened with a happy ending yay!

  2. That quote is actually really interesting and definitely true :) xxx

    1. :) Glad you find it to be interesting, Carly.