Sunday, April 21, 2013

DIY flower pens

Brighten up your office space in minutes with this simple diy.
I borrowed this idea from offices I've worked in the past, 
though most of them used flowers I never really cared for.
They are usually in flower pots, which is also really cute!

I thought it was still a great idea nonetheless.
 So here's my chic spin on it.
I used freebie pens I've accumulated from church, conferences, hotels.

($1.54 Joann Fabrics)
spray paint
floral tape
artificial flowers

Maybe you already have a vase in the color you like.
I saw a vase in this same exact color (my fav) close to $15. 
I decided to make my own since I already had 
 the spray paint in this color.
Measure how far you want your flowers to stand out from the vase.
Cut the stems for just the top
half of the pen. 
(It's more comfortable to grip the pens if you don't have it
 extended all the way to the bottom)
Wrap two layers of floral tape around the pen and stem.
Continue steps for all the pens.
And there you have it, simple office chic!

I love the contrasting colors here.
I'm excited to bring these to work.
Have you seen something similar to this before?


  1. What a great idea!!! So cute- would totally help in making me more cherry ;)


    1. Yes it definitely adds cheer!! :)

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  3. This was so useful. Thanks so much for posting this :) xx